Friday, August 29, 2008

and the winner is...

ME!! I love me some VSB...I am there daily and they just posted their 100th post! (confetti and air horns and sh1t) CONGRATS!! so in honor of such a magnanimous event, the Very Smart Brothers (and Liz) decided to actually create the VSB t-shirts...reveal the top 5 t-shirt slogan vote getters...and hand out "The 100 Post Anniversary Commentator Awards"

My slogan “Smart b*tches have drama too” was one of the top those top 5 joints...(taking a bow) and I won an award!! I was so happy that I actually CALLED people to tel them that I won! lol... like there was a ceremony or something...I know, I need more people....but whatever, I was KRUNK went like this...

***scene goes all wavy for the flashback sequence***

the goodeness corner award, for the most consistently outrageously entertaining comments, goes to, you guessed it, the goodeness herself…a woman who also has the distinct honor of receiving an award named after herself. good job and sh*t. 1st runner up, and probable 2009 winner: luvvie

and here was my acceptance speech...(clearing throat)

before I scroll up and read the intelligent ignorance that I’m sure has taken place…let me say…


I am so happy to be an active supporter of a MOVE-MEANT for ni99as that read and sh1t!! salud!

now…**smoothing out my wrinkled acceptance speech** YOU LIKE ME! YOU REALLY LIKE ME! (shout out to Sally Field) I am KRUNK TEXAS that I got an award for doing something I love to do! **turning on my over-articulate Black church lady impression** Givink honter tuh Gawt, Passuh, congruhgayshun and frints… lol…nah for real this time…I would like to thank VSB (and LIZ) and sh1t for creating a safe place for grown ups to be ignit as h3ll and drop knowledge all at the same time…I would like to shout out to my mom for not putting me on Ritalin all those years ago! Want to shout out to the Pink Ribbon Plantation for not blocking my daily dose of cerebral stimulation…last but not least I GOT to show love for my BFF “ABCDE” for getting me hooked on this man-based mind phuck…

I have GOT to say (type) that I love all ya’ll…my VSB(rothas and sistas), you all make my day at the plantation seem to breeze by! The site is a terrible drug, cuz I really feel like I know most of you for real but I wouldn’t know you if you grabbed my @ss and licked the side of my face in the street and yet most of you would be welcome to sit on my couch without the standard criminal background check and DNA test type of sh1t! (although you will still be required to provide a copy of your driver’s license, just in case…) so if you’re ever in MIC CITY (Dallas *muhfuggin* TEXAS) hit a sista up! we’ll do lunch!

how fuggin DOPE is it that the award ya’ll gave me is NAMED after me!???! (blushing) I am still geeking on that one!! NOW MY NAME WILL LIVE ON IN INFAMY!!! **evil laugh**

and to make a great honor even e-fam MONK, gave me another award that was also (kind of) named after me, but not really!

*The “I Love Your Head” Award goes to…GOODENESS!! And no, it’s not your tongue rings…lol. I just enjoy your wit, humor, and ummm…brains.

and I said...

MONK…when I read that…I just KNEW you were gonna go left with it…but you kept it right! lol…I am all blushing and sh1t! THANK YOU LUV! (curtsy) cuz I’m a laaaady! this has been the best week ever for the GOOD…ya’ll make me smile!

This week has been a DOPE one for me:

MONDAY - last minute meet & greet w/ Musiq Soulchild
TUESDAY - Nas/Talib Kweli concert
WEDNESDAY - booked 2 passion parties for September
THURSDAY - got my very first web-based award (kind of)
FRIDAY - got my very second web-based award (kind-of)
SATURDAY - going to a red carpet magazine launch party

so e-folks...this has been the BEST WEEK EVER! for the GOOD one... ***happy dance*** just had to share that with the group and sh1t!



Gigi said...

Congrats Goodie!

NaturallyAlise said...

Congrats my fellow VSB addict!!!!! :) (does that make us functioning crackheads? lol)

Monk said...

You know what Good Good, "Smart b*tches have drama too," is a great t-shirt for smart b*tches wit' drama(duh), but I'd rock this joint also. Being that I know several, this shirt definitely crosses gender lines on rock- a-bility.

Enjoy your weekend and sh*t.

suga said...

Girl, congrats. Since I'm new to blogs outside of myspace, I JUST sauntered my azz on over to VSB the day you for your award. I must say, you are quite hilarious.

And you're week sounds exciting as hell.

Sister Toldja said...

Ok, so I am DYING at you doing a post dedicated to your VSB award! Cough, cough ifonlyyouspentlesstimeonVSBmaybeyoucouldupdateyourblogmoreandshit, cough!

J/k, you are part of the reason I love that site! I've been lurking lately, but I always make sure I read what the baddest "good" girl I know has to say! Congrats on the awards, kiss kiss!

Sisanda said...

congradulations and sh*t, that VSB is a drug and it's comforting to know i'm not the only junkie.

So how was the Nas/Talib show for the Untitled album release?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i could not have said it better and nice pic folk

and hats off to phyllis wheatly on this day