Thursday, December 27, 2007

Last Survey of 2007

2007 is OVER
In 2007, did you...
fall in love with someone that was just a friend?:nope...
fall in love at all?:no
lose any friends?:yeah, but I think we're cool again
make any new friends?:OH YEAH!!
make any new enemies?:only the hoes that are dying to be me...
develop any new hobbies?:yeah.. CROCHET!
get older?:of course..
do anything you regret?:nope.. threads that make the fabric of ME
go to any parties?:yeah! I was the LIFE of them too!
accomplish anything?:yup! CLASS OF 2007!
make much money?:yeah but I spent more than I made..
attend a wedding?:(sigh) yes...
attend a funeral?:I don't go to funerals.. won't even be at mine!
get any new family members?:nah
move away?:I WISH
gain any new perspectives?:yes.. I have realized that I have committment issues!
get into a verbal fight?:OH YEAH!!
get into a physical fight?:no but I have come close.. drunk white boys stole my girl's wallet!
attend any sporting events?:YEAH! shout outs to the AAC
get arrested?:nah..
wreck your car?:my truck got hit while it was parked!
get a new car?:nah man! I love my truck!
make any big purchases?:nope
get kicked out of a store, restaurant or any other kind of business?:no way! I am a LAAAAAAAAADY!
get fired from a job?:nah.. but I am CLOSE as hell!
get offered a job?:I WISH!
get a raise at a job?:only a cost of living increase...
learn anything?:I learn something EVERY DAY!
dump your bf/gf?:yeah.. but he made me do it!
get dumped by your bf/gf?:I think so.. it was a mutual dump!
develop any new health problems?:no
change as a person?:yes.. I have matured and grown as a woman!
get any new piercings?:does getting something re-pierced count?
get any new tattoos?:nah.. FEBRUARY 2008
attend a concert?:hell yeah! Rock The Bells and COMMON
crowd surf?:nah.. there is too much of me for that..
travel out of state?:yup!
read any books?:I am an AVID reader!
travel out of the country?:not this year.. maybe CARIBANA next year
spend much money?:single Black female addicted to retail...
download any music?:MUSIC is my BOYFRIEND
try out any new looks?:yeah.. cut my hair off and went natural!!
sign up for a myspace?:yeah in MAY
sign up for a facebook?:hell nah
eat a food that you had never eaten before?:yes.. I am adventurous..
go golfing?:nah.. maybe in 2008
go bowling?:yes.. my son LOVES to bowl
go to many parties?:OH YEAH
start to resent something or someone that you used to like?:yes.. but I don't now..
In 2007, how many....
different places did you work?:just Atmos Energy
times did you go out drinking?:I have NO CLUE
times did you smoke marijuana?:twice (but I didn't inhale)
drugs did you take?:it's not a drug if it grows that way!
times did you have health problems?:God knew...
times did you go to the movies?:3 or four
concerts did you attend?:a was a BIG year for music in my life!
people did you make out with?:no habla ingles...
people did you have sex with?:mande? otra vez, no hable ingles...
people tried to have sex with you?:I don't even know..
times did you get your ass kicked?:none.. I'm a GANGSTER
crushes did you have?:a few
times did you attend church?:ummm.. including watchnight 2007?
bad habits did you pick up?:one.. I drink more now..
famous people did you meet?:a few actually..
In 2007, what was?
your favorite day of the year?:Saturday, September 15, 2007 I touched COMMON
your favorite band?:live band? Camp Wisdom Crew
your least favorite day of the year?:Friday, April 6, 2007
your favorite movie?:this year? American Gangster
your favorite song of the year?:tie between Hate On Me by Jill and I Want You by COMMON
the most expensive thing you stole?:this year nothing.. last year, I plead the Fifth!
the biggest event you attended?:Rock The Bells in San Bernardino, CA
something that didn't change at all this year?:my address
your favorite holiday?:my son's birthday
Misc. questions about 2007
were you in a hospital this year?:yes
were you in an ambulance this year?:yes
did you make any big confessions in 06?:nah.. I am an open book.. nothing to confess
did you make friends with anyone of the opposite sex that you love but only:no.. got closer to some that I already had though..
embarrassed about anything you did this year?:nope.. I got no shame!
what's the best thing to happen to you this year?:I graduated from college
did you meet anyone that you could see yourself marrying:nope.. not this year...
did anyone you have no feelings for confess to having feelings for you?:yes..
did you vote this year?:yes
did you bring sexy back this year?:hell yeah.. the last four digits of cell number are SEXY (7399)
was 2007 a great year, an average year or a bad year?:GOODEN YEAR~
what goals did you set for 2008?:get teacher certification, by a home, and watch my son start kindergarten
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Monday, December 17, 2007

MY Life's Soundtrack

Your Life: The Soundtrack
Opening credits:"Cleva" Erykah Badu
Waking up:"So Fresh & So Clean" Outkast
Average day:"Rebirth of Slick" Digable Planets
First date:"Electric Relaxation" Tribe Called Quest
Falling in love:"Nothing Even Matters" DeAngelo & Lauryn Hill
Love scene:"The Panties" Mos Def
Fight scene:"Fuck Them Other NIGGAS" No Limit
Breaking up:"Rain" Leela James
Getting back together:"I Want You" Common
Secret love:"Half The Time" Donnell Jones
Life's okay:"Golden" Jill Scott
Mental breakdown:"Me, Myself, and I" Beyonce
Driving:"Makeda" Les Nubians
Learning a lesson:"Strength, Courage & Wisdom" India Arie
Deep thought:"Far Away" Kindred Family Soul
Flashback:"Back in the Days" Ahmad
Partying:"Get Me Bodied" Beyonce
Happy dance:"Good Clothes" Little Brother
Regreting:"My Apology" Floetry
Long night alone:"One is the Magic Number" Jill Scott
Death scene:"Be Happy" Mary Mary
Closing credits:"Sometimes You Make Me Smile" Floetry
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Friday, December 14, 2007

Since January 1 is the first day of the year, we have drawn a connection between what we do on that day (or night) and our fate in the upcoming year… I have never been one to have a resolution or eat a tablespoon of black eyed peas or any of that… and 2007 has been a banner year for me… both bitter and sweet… so in an effort to "try something new" I thought to myself… self… you should start your year off differently this year, just because… participate in all the common holiday traditions associated with the end of the year in efforts to have a year like no other in 2008! So I had to make a mental list of the things that are usually done on New Year's Eve that I have NEVER done! I have started off the last 5 years in church, so what's the EXACT opposite of that? PARTYING!!!! lol… I have NEVER been OUT OUT on New Year's Eve... when I was married, I would get all dressed up cause the husband promised to take me out on the town, and he would be asleep before Dick Clark came on… I was disappointed every year for 10 years! So I started spending the New Year at church, and had a great time! In 2004, I went to church with my son, best friend and her son, after church we dropped the kids off and went to a house party... LOL... but I want to go OUT and bring in 2008 like they do on TV! And now that I think of it, I have never had a New Year's Kiss either! The thought behind the NYK is that it will insure that you have a romantically warm year… 2007 was a year of disappointment, discovery, and independence in the romance department and I like it like that… I learned A LOT! so I am not concerned about the warmness of my romantic climate… I just want to do the stuff that I never have... maybe I will just select a man at random in the club/venue/concert and let him know that he will be the lucky recipient of my first NYK… maybe I won't… who knows... just wanted to randomly ramble about how I am planning on starting the NEW YEAR? How will YOU celebrate 2008??