Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I know it’s been a minute since I actually ROCKED THE BELLS, but better late than never right? (SMH…I know… knee grows) Basically, I went alone, flew in to John Wayne, got a rental car, and crashed with a sister/friend’s house (who didn't go to the venue with me).. it was an experience to say the least.. I couldn't believe all the people that were there...50K easy!!! TALIB and MOS.. WU.. EPMD.. NAS.. CYPRESS HILL.. MF DOOM.. MURS.. SUPERNAT.. PUBLIC ENEMY… THE ROOTS.. and when Captain Kirk was on the guitar during the Roots show.. I was in awe of that man's talent!! It was spiritual! I just recently decided to start "getting out there" more because I was nourishing the MOMMY side of me but depriving the WOMAN side... but I digress.. it WAS AWESOME.. I actually did meet a couple of MySpace-ians when I got there and we were together for a while (shout out to Needle To The Groove), but I was mostly by myself, walking around, taking it all in.... I LOVED the panel discussions and got to meet Chuck D (see pic above) but I had to leave when Flav came out.. he is too much for me.. when MOS was on stage.. I was in it! and Talib..BLACKSTAR did it big for me and when they did Brown Skin Lady! IT WAS OVER!!! That is one of my theme songs! I was in the pit most of the time.. it was so unreal to be that close to people I admire so much! got a hug from Pharoahe and Kirk.. I am weraing my Tshirt right now!! ha!! the break dance exhibitions and freestyle battles were off the hook! I wish I could have battled but I got there too late to register.. so (shrugging) I snoozed and loosed.. I have never experienced anything like it.. I went to the after party for the Dallas RTB at the Black Forest Theater, but it was very intimate (like a hunnit folks) and that is was I expected in CA.. but that isn't what I got.. I felt a little like cattle on occasion, and there was CONCERT VIP (pink wrist band) and VENUE VIP (blue wrist band) and they were letting pinks into the blue VIP until the paying dues stages closed, because the folks that were over there came to the main area and they were overcrowded.. so I felt less VIP-ish after that.. the festival was from 11am to 1155pm and it was OUTSIDE so folks weren’t necessarily happy go lucky by about 8 or 9pm...I was NOT a venue VIP (blue wrist band) and they weren’t letting pink bands in the blue VIP area anymore, BUT I am Southern sister in the midst of rude west coast hype.. so I just smiled and charmed up one of the doormen and got a blue wrist band..he was impressed that I had come all the way from Dallas by myself to experience the hip hop culture forum that is Rock The Bells! that VIP had pool tables, better food, cheaper drinks (non alcoholic for me cause Im not much of a drinker and it was too dang gone hot for all that), couches, and better stage access...I met Chuck D at a VIP panel discussion and I touched Mos Def when he was on stage (during "brown skin lady"..I was a mess afrer that I LOVE HIM!).. got a hug from the best guitar player I've ever heard named Kirk Douglas (The Roots)..and heard a song that was new to me, a more R&B-ish song called "I Can't Understand" from The Roots... it was just an AWESOME experience that I am SO glad I had... but I would do it again in a heartbeat!!!

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