Thursday, August 9, 2007


some know and some don't, but I am flying out to CA tomorrow morning to go to an interactive hip hop festival called Rock The Bells!! I am so far beyond the mundane definition of excitement that there are NO WORDS for this feeling! O...M...G...! I am going VIP style which means I have access to the meet and greet sessions.. the panels.. the exhibitions...and of course the concerts! The tour came to Dallas this past Tuesday, but The Roots and Mos Def weren't slated to perform so I decided to step completely outside my box and do something JUST FOR ME! I bought a ticket to the San Bernardino show because that was the next venue that had the full roster of ICONs.. I am going alone.. which is something I have never done before. I am staying with a good sister/friend of mine but she isn't going to the festival cause she has "mommy" things to do... I have a relatively new friend that will be there with friends and they have agreed to entertain me during the more than 12 hour event.. MUSIC IS MY AIR.. and this event is full of real HIP HOP culture... newsflash HIP HOP is not usually played on the radio.. but I digress.. I didn't go to the Dallas show, but I did go to the Dallas RTB Afterparty at the Black Forest Theater. It was awesome! I got my money's worth.. met some people I kind of already knew..heard some great music...and danced the night away.. didn't rest my head until almost 3am and I was an hour late for work the next morning, but it was SO worth it.. the vibe in the BFT was the rhythm of what I know is genuine creative expression.. and those that know me know I am a sucker for creative expression... I gotta pack! I'm out!


Radiogirl said...

Where is the follow up to this post? Do tell about the fest ... I like that fact that you went it alone. I have to do that a lot - go to hip hop shows all by myself; I have to do what I have to do.

GOODENess said...

@ radiogirl - sorry it took so long.. life's soundtrack was pulling a but the song is still jamming!

Tasida said...

Keep up the good work.