Monday, December 17, 2007

MY Life's Soundtrack

Your Life: The Soundtrack
Opening credits:"Cleva" Erykah Badu
Waking up:"So Fresh & So Clean" Outkast
Average day:"Rebirth of Slick" Digable Planets
First date:"Electric Relaxation" Tribe Called Quest
Falling in love:"Nothing Even Matters" DeAngelo & Lauryn Hill
Love scene:"The Panties" Mos Def
Fight scene:"Fuck Them Other NIGGAS" No Limit
Breaking up:"Rain" Leela James
Getting back together:"I Want You" Common
Secret love:"Half The Time" Donnell Jones
Life's okay:"Golden" Jill Scott
Mental breakdown:"Me, Myself, and I" Beyonce
Driving:"Makeda" Les Nubians
Learning a lesson:"Strength, Courage & Wisdom" India Arie
Deep thought:"Far Away" Kindred Family Soul
Flashback:"Back in the Days" Ahmad
Partying:"Get Me Bodied" Beyonce
Happy dance:"Good Clothes" Little Brother
Regreting:"My Apology" Floetry
Long night alone:"One is the Magic Number" Jill Scott
Death scene:"Be Happy" Mary Mary
Closing credits:"Sometimes You Make Me Smile" Floetry
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