Thursday, December 27, 2007

Last Survey of 2007

2007 is OVER
In 2007, did you...
fall in love with someone that was just a friend?:nope...
fall in love at all?:no
lose any friends?:yeah, but I think we're cool again
make any new friends?:OH YEAH!!
make any new enemies?:only the hoes that are dying to be me...
develop any new hobbies?:yeah.. CROCHET!
get older?:of course..
do anything you regret?:nope.. threads that make the fabric of ME
go to any parties?:yeah! I was the LIFE of them too!
accomplish anything?:yup! CLASS OF 2007!
make much money?:yeah but I spent more than I made..
attend a wedding?:(sigh) yes...
attend a funeral?:I don't go to funerals.. won't even be at mine!
get any new family members?:nah
move away?:I WISH
gain any new perspectives?:yes.. I have realized that I have committment issues!
get into a verbal fight?:OH YEAH!!
get into a physical fight?:no but I have come close.. drunk white boys stole my girl's wallet!
attend any sporting events?:YEAH! shout outs to the AAC
get arrested?:nah..
wreck your car?:my truck got hit while it was parked!
get a new car?:nah man! I love my truck!
make any big purchases?:nope
get kicked out of a store, restaurant or any other kind of business?:no way! I am a LAAAAAAAAADY!
get fired from a job?:nah.. but I am CLOSE as hell!
get offered a job?:I WISH!
get a raise at a job?:only a cost of living increase...
learn anything?:I learn something EVERY DAY!
dump your bf/gf?:yeah.. but he made me do it!
get dumped by your bf/gf?:I think so.. it was a mutual dump!
develop any new health problems?:no
change as a person?:yes.. I have matured and grown as a woman!
get any new piercings?:does getting something re-pierced count?
get any new tattoos?:nah.. FEBRUARY 2008
attend a concert?:hell yeah! Rock The Bells and COMMON
crowd surf?:nah.. there is too much of me for that..
travel out of state?:yup!
read any books?:I am an AVID reader!
travel out of the country?:not this year.. maybe CARIBANA next year
spend much money?:single Black female addicted to retail...
download any music?:MUSIC is my BOYFRIEND
try out any new looks?:yeah.. cut my hair off and went natural!!
sign up for a myspace?:yeah in MAY
sign up for a facebook?:hell nah
eat a food that you had never eaten before?:yes.. I am adventurous..
go golfing?:nah.. maybe in 2008
go bowling?:yes.. my son LOVES to bowl
go to many parties?:OH YEAH
start to resent something or someone that you used to like?:yes.. but I don't now..
In 2007, how many....
different places did you work?:just Atmos Energy
times did you go out drinking?:I have NO CLUE
times did you smoke marijuana?:twice (but I didn't inhale)
drugs did you take?:it's not a drug if it grows that way!
times did you have health problems?:God knew...
times did you go to the movies?:3 or four
concerts did you attend?:a was a BIG year for music in my life!
people did you make out with?:no habla ingles...
people did you have sex with?:mande? otra vez, no hable ingles...
people tried to have sex with you?:I don't even know..
times did you get your ass kicked?:none.. I'm a GANGSTER
crushes did you have?:a few
times did you attend church?:ummm.. including watchnight 2007?
bad habits did you pick up?:one.. I drink more now..
famous people did you meet?:a few actually..
In 2007, what was?
your favorite day of the year?:Saturday, September 15, 2007 I touched COMMON
your favorite band?:live band? Camp Wisdom Crew
your least favorite day of the year?:Friday, April 6, 2007
your favorite movie?:this year? American Gangster
your favorite song of the year?:tie between Hate On Me by Jill and I Want You by COMMON
the most expensive thing you stole?:this year nothing.. last year, I plead the Fifth!
the biggest event you attended?:Rock The Bells in San Bernardino, CA
something that didn't change at all this year?:my address
your favorite holiday?:my son's birthday
Misc. questions about 2007
were you in a hospital this year?:yes
were you in an ambulance this year?:yes
did you make any big confessions in 06?:nah.. I am an open book.. nothing to confess
did you make friends with anyone of the opposite sex that you love but only:no.. got closer to some that I already had though..
embarrassed about anything you did this year?:nope.. I got no shame!
what's the best thing to happen to you this year?:I graduated from college
did you meet anyone that you could see yourself marrying:nope.. not this year...
did anyone you have no feelings for confess to having feelings for you?:yes..
did you vote this year?:yes
did you bring sexy back this year?:hell yeah.. the last four digits of cell number are SEXY (7399)
was 2007 a great year, an average year or a bad year?:GOODEN YEAR~
what goals did you set for 2008?:get teacher certification, by a home, and watch my son start kindergarten
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