Friday, July 20, 2007


I am having trouble here people… It took me a while to get to this point after a messy and traumatic breakup earlier this year, but I am single now and ready to mingle… So here’s the issue… Where are the “steppers”? The brothers that make a sister feel like she has to step her game up! I don’t feel challenged by the men I meet! I mean I am meeting men left and right but they don’t capture me… they don’t have anything to talk about, no plan, no goals… just existing, not living… they are cool… and attractive… but that will only get you so far in “Shannon-land”… I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I know who and what I am and what I bring to the table in life, not just in TOGETHERness… I mean come on! In the real world looking good will get you in the door… BUT you have got to have something beyond good looks to retain your position. Confidence, intelligence, COMMON SENSE, charisma, personality, ambition, balance… you know, the basics… and if you don’t have that.. you should at least be ACTIVELY trying to get it! Hustle means hard work! I like a man with personality, passions, and peace! I am not trying to be responsible for your happiness… you gotta happy without me but ELATED when with me! I am a happy woman and it doesn’t take much to put a smile on my face… brothers ask me why I am single and I must say because I haven’t met a force that captures me! I want a MAN not a BOY with MAN tendencies! I want to connect with someone that makes me feel like I can step my game up! You know a man that challenges my mind! I swear I don’t know where these kind of men are…I know they exist.. they have to… I blame these boys’ mommas! I am a movement by myself! I want a man that makes me better! Until then… GET YOUR OWN UMBRELLA…ELLA….ELLA….AAAY!

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