Thursday, February 3, 2011

ShoeSHOW 2010 winner!!

I know that the Shoe SHOW was 2 months ago...and the fact that I am just now posting the breakdown & pics from the event are trifling to say the least...BUT...I'm doing it anyway...give me a #latepass and build a bridge!

I have so many irons in the fire that I can't wait to blog about but first things first...I have got to post the event pics slide show and show you the shoes that WON the Gucci messenger bag!


here goes!

The winning pair of shoes was submitted by Traci Moore, a local makeup artist, stylist and artistic director. Traci is a Dallas native that began her career in makeup in January 2009. It is no surprise that Traci has taken the makeup world by storm. Her creative eye, attention to detail and positive energy has never allowed her to be one to fade into the background.

TRACI has graciously volunteered to create a new and unique pair of red pumps to be sold at silent auction at each of our Red Pump Dallas events in 2011!

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