Tuesday, December 1, 2009


As many of you know, I am one of the Dallas Ambassadors for The Red Pump Project. It's a nationwide initiative to increase HIV/AIDS awareness and education in the demographic that has the distinct dishonor of being the fastest growing HIV/AIDS infected population in the US, brown women ages 18-35.

In honor of World AIDS Day 2009, I would like to emphasize the life long effect that HIV/AIDS has on the entire community. I want to take the World AIDS Day initiative a step further and ask that you (and your loved ones) make a genuine effort to VOLUNTEER in the HIV/AIDS positive communities in your city. VOLUNTEER at an AIDS/HIV nonprofit and put this preventable epidemic into a more realistic perspective. HIV/AIDS not only affects the people that are infected, it touches the lives of the children and families of the Volunteering doesn't necessarily mean visiting a facility, although it would help. You can do something as simple as collect canned goods/toiletries for a shelter, host a fundraiser at your church/job, read books to positive children, donate toys/books to a shelter or hospice , or work a few hours a week in the business/operations offices of an agency that services the HIV/AIDS community. I have taken the liberty to put together a short list of volunteer opportunities in my home town of Dallas, TX:

A Sister's Gift

AIDS Arms Inc.

AIDS Interfaith Network

AIDS Services of Dallas

Resource Center Dallas

Please support Luvvie and Karyn (the founders of the Red Pump Project) by visiting their blogs!


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