Monday, January 12, 2009

Shannon rhymes with Random...(16 bars)

I know a GOOD dude named MONK that recently posted "16 Randoms" on his blog...essentially random and little know facts about know sharing w/ the group and're supposed to TAG people to participate in the exercise but Dame don't be following directins and sh1t!!So, I pretended that he tagged me and proceeded to try to type a Randomness joint of my own and realized that there isn't anything that's just really random about me that people don't already know...damn my open-booked-ness! So here is an attempt to try to tell you some sh1t you didn't know about this GOOD GIRL!(taking a deep breath)

Photobucket1 - My mom doesn't (and has never) cooked...I was raised on Chinese food and Churches chicken...I live in TEXAS, so when my Southern folks start rattling off "soul food" that they love and sh1t...I can't even contribute...and as a result of my mom's culinary handicap, I learned to eat w/ chopstix before I could use a fork!

2 - I am a functioning NOMOPHOBIAC Photobucket which means I have a fear of being without my cell phone...sad but phone's name is KRYPTONITE and he even has a special spot in my bed!

3 - When I lived in CA (1985-1993), I was a breakdancer!

4 - I am ridiculously afraid of clowns...not this okeed doke...GASP A CLOWN! type sh1t..Photobucket I am talking all out, can't breathe, crying, screaming, bout to pass out ass AFRAID OF CLOWNS! My son wants a clown at his 6th b(earth)day party, and guess what? if the clown is there...mommy won't be!

5 - I don't eat watermelon (ANY melon for that matter), cornbread, pancakes, anything that ever had tenticles or jello...(unless it's in shot form, of course)

6 - In addition to my actual son, Clarence, I have 3 imaginary children...the twins, Carson (boy) and Clark (girl)and the baby Harlem Renai!

Photobucket7 - I will always tell you if your breath hurts my feelings...

8 - Sometimes I talk with an English accent just because! When I was little, my sister and I would speak in fake as sign language to each other in public just to mess with

9 - Photobucket Before I buy a new pair of heels... I hit a 3 point stance and take a lap around the store to make sure I can run in them!

Photobucket10 - I don't have a FAVORITE RAPPER! I have a HIP HOP VIP section where all my favorites get along like vegetarians (no beef)! "We superstars, no Lupe"

11 - I am a handful! (kind of)Photobucket

12 - I LOVE the smell of gasoline!

13 - When I was in kindergarten I was kicked out of Tyler Street Christian Academy for absolutely regfusing to go to chapel because I was convinced that there were vampires in there!

14 - I wish I was as indepedent as I pretend to be on

Photobucket15 - When I am alone in my room, sometimes I stare at the wall!

16 - I break out in random ass rhymes all the damn time, just to showcase my lyrical skill adn let niggas know how I feel...LM(red)AO!


NaturallyAlise said...

I have an imaginary set of twinsnamed Alice & Allison & Elliot Jr. is their big brother... lol

too funny about learning with chopstix first!

Monk said...

Chopsticks, really? I googled how to use them a few years ago but don't see the point when there's a trusty fork in the vacinity.

I can picture Harlem's room with a mural of glow in the dark stars on the ceiling that spells out "Harlem's World". Corny, but dope regardless.

Oh yeah, "I sit alone in my four cornered room staring at candles..." I'm affected with blurting out random hip hop quotes too.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

not a break dancer