Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I AM IN LOVE WITH MUSIC! Of all the blessings that God gave us to feed our earthbound spirits, MUSIC is my favorite… it’s the most universal, simple form of expression on this planet! Honestly, the word LOVE isn’t big enough…MUSIC is my HEARTBEART! I tell everyone, “Life has a soundtrack!” I listen to everything from blue grass to sohk…reggae to jazz…country to calypso…soul…gospel…pop…alternative…but of everything I expose myself (and my son) to, hip hop is my most favorite love child!

I have had a crush on music all of my life…but I can remember the exact day I, excuse the cliché, “Fell in love with hip hop”…Wednesday, May 10, 1995 (DAMN this date is significant as hell, twilight zone music), I remember because my daddy moved back to Texas Mother's Day 1995, but that has nothing to do with this post other than giving me a benchmark to remember me and my true love's anniversary, so I digress, excuse my tangent...It was a hot summer day in Dallas, TX, the school year was almost over and I was on the late school bus (after cheer practice)… This senior I had been crushing on, Michael Cameron (hmmm…there is an intimate coincidence in the name “Michael” or MIC and its role in my actual “love” life, but that won’t ever make it to a blog, so back on task)…where was I, oh yeah…Michael was on the bus that day…and I was glad to see that the ONLY open seat was next to him (swoon)…we were cool (most of my crushes think I am MAD COOL, but don’t ever pursue “The COOL”, ya dig?) and he was bobbing his head to the beat coming from his earplugs…he saw me watching him, smiled, and offered me one of his earphones…we sat hugged up in that seat, bobbing to the beat, smiling at the clever word play and images in our mental videos…THAT IS WHEN IT HAPPENED…

Just think, what if you could just, just blink yourself away?
Just think, what if you could just, just blink yourself away?
Jeff X can rock the MIC with tooth decay
I be the 5 foot 7, residing at the Mecca lesson south section
Used to cut class in the infinite pursuit of ass
Back in eighty-six!

I was enamored with the voice, the language, the delivery, the imagery, and the cool cadence of what I was hearing…”Proceed” by The Roots, is the note that hip hop sent me in class that asked… “Do you like me? circle YES or NO”…and thus the CRUSH GROOVE began…

I met another lover in SPOKEN WORD in 2000, Hip Hop’s twin brother… I began to “spit” my thoughts on MICs across MIC city...WORD was DOPE and we are still together going stronger than ever…building a kingdom of better…FINDING FOREVER!

In 2004, I was given my own personal MIC…an experience that enhanced everything I already held in my soul for my mate…helped my rhythmic adoration grow in leaps and bounds, clicks and sounds, and showed me an appreciation for the creation and production of the music behind my love… which open doors to DONUT shops and showed me my LITTLE BROTHER the 9th WONDER of the world…

Over the years, my affection for all creative expressions of a soul’s art has grown exponentially… I didn’t think I could ever feel this kind of euphoria from an inanimate concept…but MUSIC does it for me…it makes me happy when I’m sad…sad when I’m happy…it makes me thoughtful…grateful…it inspires me…makes me remember things I wish so desperately to forget…desire things I have yet to completely embrace…and every thing in between…

What makes YOU give up your ?love and allow you to exhale?


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

me and u both, what instruments to u play?

GOODENess said...

unfortunately...I don't play an instrument (other than my language)..but I am working on teaching myself how to play the acoustic guitar...what about you?