Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day 2008

(unfortunately I don’t have ANY pics of this event! drunk, much?)

I am an advocate for the school of thought that believes that tradition in an impediment to innovation! That being typed…guess how the GOODENs rung in Father’s Day? We (my sisters Remica, 34 and Tiffany, 27 and I, 28) subconsciously divided the day into 3 phases, and each of us was over one phase…Remi was over the day activity, Tiff was over the meal selection of the day, and yours truly was in charge of evening entertainment…I decided that our handsome, loving father should stimulate his “lust” life…Remica took him to the mall and bought him an outfit… Tiff embraced Daddy’s love Asian ish so we went to a Chinese buffet for LUNNER (lunch+dinner)…and then we dropped him off at home with instructions to be shit-ed, showered, shaved, dressed (in his new outfit) and ready to G-O by 9.30pm!

“Where are ya’ll taking the old man?” he asked pensively, knowing that his most extroverted daughter (ME) was the ring leader of the evening Father’s Day activities…

(evil laugh) “just get dressed and start making our pre-evening cocktails please knee grow?”… (yeah, my Daddy is my ni99a…it’s normal for us)

We head to my place and get all GOODENed up…we decided at the last minute to all wear little black dresses, to match Daddy…but they didn’t pack any…problem solved…I am a clothes elephant (passed ”horse” years ago) I had like 10 LBDs in my closet (2 with price tags still hanging) so we got our Destiny’s Child on…you know…the same but different…lol…all stunning, but of course there was an obvious stand out… (blushing)

We scoop the old man…DRINK…and go to Walmart to debit over for the cash for our evening…Daddy walked off and we had to hunt him down, macking on some young tender in the produce section… now that I type that…I understand why people were staring…we were all dressed alike (short dresses, tall heels) calling a middle aged man “Daddy”…they must have thought he was out pimp! hilarious! But I digress… we got to our destination…STONE TRAIL…(shout outs to Don Diego and the Razz Band!) yes people…for Father’s Day 2008, the Gooden family took our proud poppa to the CLUB!

It was SO FUN! We danced to almost every song…My Daddy was getting his mack on…and the guys were asking him if they could dance with us, as if he really was our “MAN-ager”…LOL…we hustled a few free drinks for him and ourselves and had a GREAT TIME! We played HOLLA BACK (the phone number game) and HE won! (shrugging) I get it from my Daddy! The most UN-traditional Father’s Day celebration of all time! Well, not for my family…but maybe for the rest of the world…his b-EARTH-day is in 2 weeks…you know what he’s getting? Guess…c’mon…guess…

(drum roll please)

WE are getting dear old dad a tattoo for his 51rst Biological New Year!

What did you do for Father’s Day 2008?


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

im a single parent
went to my dog store and opened it
came home looked at US open
got nothing
correction, ghreatest gift was seeing my son teach his sister how to ride her back

Anonymous said...

Yo, Goodeness this was such a heartwarming post. I love your writing and the story had great transition and pace. Your pappy is a lucky man for real! Great post. BTW don't let him get a wack tattoo! ;-)

Your boy,