Sunday, June 21, 2009

He Get It From his MAMA! (father's day?)

First, let me wish a HAPPY FATHER's DAY to every man that takes the time out to provide support & guidance for any child! There is always room for multiple examples of possitive manhood! You are appreciated! It takes a village & shit!

I had to share this with the eFam..cuz you can't make this shit up! I was at HOOTER's w/ my family for Father's Day...drinking, laughing, cussing, ragging on my dad for eyehustling EVERY chick that walked by even though his girlfriend was sitting right next to know, the usual...when I noticed my son, MC (MC = ManCub for all you non-Twitter folks), was being extra quiet whenever out waitress, Lindsay, came around...things that make you say hmmm?

so I asked, "Punkin, what's wrong?"

MC "nothing mommy, I just like looking at the lady"

Lindsay, had been giving MC extra attention because she was impressed with how smart he was & "mature" his ability to order for himself, etc. She was hugging and "loving" on him due to his super cute-ness...


Dinner winds down, MC asks Lindsay to come here cuz he has a present for her...I'm thinking he drew he something with the crayons from the kiddie menu, how sweet right?


NOPE! Look at the paper closely!

My 5 yr old son has just given this woman his name and "number" on a napkin! *DEAD*

Oddly enough, I was massively proud of him...I had just witnessed a major milestone in male development...My son'd first holla! Now, I won't lie...I laughed my ass off! My whole family was CTFU and started singing..."He get it from his mama*!!"

Kids do the darnedest things, no? What are some crazy things the kids in your life have done/said?

*I don't holla at dudes, cuz I'm a laaaaady & shit, but I am a flirt and so is his dad...the boy has holla in his DNA...poor thing...


K$ said...

I totally heart your son, he is massive amounts of cuteness.

suga said...

That is too cute lol

All the children in my family are female, so I'd have to smack the hell fire out of them if they gave their name and number to a grown man lmao

Monk said...

Oh no...I hope he doesn't have jungle fever though...LOL!!

samax said...

we took my nephews (9, 10, and 11) to the carnival. joshua (the youngest, and as a result, the shortest) was too small for many of the rides, so we were looking for stuff he could ride. we saw this spinning whirling deathtrap and were just excited they would let his short ass ride it, so we were like "hey! you wanna ride this Joshua?"

he looked at it for a minute and said "No. I choose Life."


but yo! ya'll better make sure to teach THAT boy about condoms! flirtatious, bold, and cute... DAAAANGER!!!

Luvvie said...

ROTFLMAO!!!! This was AWESOME! Look at his smile too like 'Yeahhhhhh, Come here guhl"

Anonymiss said...

lmao too cute