Monday, May 11, 2009

It's been a long time...I shouldn't have left you...

without a dope beat to step to...and I'm sorry BlogSpot... *hugs BlogSpot tightly* you know I love you, right? I mean, you and me have been through alot together...and you are always there when I need you...I know you feel the change in me...everytime I get ready to blog, something always comes up...I haven't been paying attention to you like I used to...well...the truth is...but...*patting the bed beside me for you to sit* there's something I have to tell you...I've been distracted because, there's someone else...His name is TWITTER!

Don't cry baby, I still love know's just I get lonely at home all day, alone...I don't get to interact with other adults...and TWITTER helps me do that...he understands my needs right now...he makes me laugh and keeps me in touch with new and interesting people... *blocks slap* no Bloggy, of course I think you're interesting, but you aren't always available to me...I can reach Twitty from my phone...*wiping tears away* but this is why I am finally coming clean... I want us to work this out! I am willing to get writer's counseling and be a better blogger to you than I have ever been before...but first you have to take me back...forgive me... *dropping to my knees in a dramatic display of emotion* please BlogSpot! *sobbing* I will do anything!

*cues up Please Don't Go by Tank*


Monk said...

Fuck twitter!! LOL!! I just wanted to say that. I will not...I repeat, I WILL NOT sign up to twitter.

*thinking to self*

Ahhhh fugg it. Maybe I will. One day.

amymay said...

LOL! I hope y'all work it out! I needs stuff t' read!!

suga said...

i'm very glad you blocked that slap lol