Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ahaaa hush that fuss...everybody move to the back of the bus!!

As you can tell from my “Mother’s Day 2.0” post…gas in TX is definitely as “high as giraffe cat”… I drive an Explorer XLT aka “SUPERFORD” and I LOVE my truck and I don’t want to trade it for something less petro-heavy…but it costs 76 bux to fill her fly ass up! So, as a result of my efforts to find more cost effective ways to avoid getting a second job (or a sugar daddy) to pay for gas, I am parking and riding now...that is I am parking my truck at a transit center and riding the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) to the farm...(flipping through the classifieds for part time dominatrix positions)
I have not ridden a bus in over 14 years and I was eerily geeked about it…(like in a freshman on the first day of high school kind of way…) I went online to find out what buses/trains I need to take to get from pre-school to the plantation before “massuh” started her thinly veiled “desk checks” under the guise of “Good Morning”! Train leaves at 6:56am…OMG! I do NOT do mornings…so…

I carefully planned my travel friendly outfit and made sure my “work purse” was packed the night before...I woke up at 5, re-showered (yes I said re-showered) and got ready…woke the legacy up at 530 and left the house at 610… tried to stop to get the boy some donut holes, but the bootleg donut place we frequent wasn’t open yet…WTF? I thought donut places opened at like 5…but I digress…stopped at the gas station and got his a honey bun instead (we gotta improvise sometimes) and still got him to school at 637 and got the Ledbetter station in enough time to park, grabbed me a Quick newspaper, stand in line to buy a ticket, and ask the regulars which ticket to buy…lol…I felt like Mary Tyler Moore…I wanted to take off my hat and throw it in the air… “I’m going to make it after all!” it was so easy…it really was like the first day of high school! I befriended a nice group of smoking white ladies who admired my neck-too (the cool seniors)…I asked where I was supposed to go to catch the 183 (like trying to find homeroom)…there were poles with the bus numbers on them, so it was easy when I looked…an as soon as the train let us off…the bus was right there and pulled out as soon as we got on! the “express” was packed, men were giving up their seats for women…I was so proud of them…and there were minimal “crazy folks”… I guess they aren’t up that early…I don’t really have to walk very far, so I can wear heels on occasion and still be comfy! the only things I have to have to continue my public transportation adventure is some kind of music player and a bus pass because $3 a day for a day-pass is defeating the purpose of the financial conservation experiment…I also decided I will be dressing a little more like my regular (when not at work) self because I will be crossing paths with more people and there were so many nice looking employed people trying to save gas money too…I want to blend in…lol…I have also noticed I am in a better mood today…the commute must have been a contributing factor to my mood…YEAH ME! I deserve a gold star by my name! I think I will buy some with all the money I am saving by riding public transportation (and switching to GEICO)!

As always…be GOOD or be GOOD at it…speak easy!

(this message was brought to you by our favorite corporate sponsor… Photobucket please enjoy responsibly…don’t drink and drive! Drink and ride the bus!!)


Sister Toldja said...

I wish my job was bus accessible. I have GOT to stop driving!

LOL @ you being so excited about it. Low-key, that's how I be feeling too. I live in Brooklyn and I hardly ever get to take these fabled NYC subways. I feel like a tourist every time.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

wait til it hits 6.00

Summer G said...

Ooohhh... but you say that NOW when the weather is sunny and warm. Just you wait 'til daylight savings when you're standing in line before the sun even thinks about rising... and that wintery wind starts whipping those little legs of yours. Or wait! WHEN IT RAINS! Yeah, you'll be singing a different tune, Mary Tyler Moore. It'll be more like "Mary don't you weep!"

I know because used to live in Plano and ride the redline from Parker Road to Pearl (downtown). Very convenient but dealing with the elements can put a real damper (no pun intended) on one's workday.

A few hints...
1) ALWAYS keep an umbrella with you b/c you just NEVER KNOW.
2) ALWAYS keep your earphones/buds in your ears. They serve as a GREAT prop for when the loonies try to talk to you and you dont want to be bothered. Just stare into space as if your music is SO LOUD you didnt hear them.
3)Get there early! You do not want to be the one standing. Yeah, the guys are being complete "genteel-men" now, but you just wait til it gets cold and people's fuses burn a little shorted. You gone see crippled grandmama's and lame children bracing themselved against the pole!

Good luck with that hun! Love your posts by the way. I'll be back later.