Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm so damn DILLA right now!

There is a J-Dilla** tribute type joint going on in the DMV and as ya'll know I am in TEXAS so I can't go...but my girl FUNGKEBLAKCHIK was eSpinning DILLA for the masses of asses that couldn't trade in their ghetto passes to get to the DMV! She linked this song "So Far To Go" (from JayDee's The Shining not Common's Finding Forever) and I won't even front...I cried a little when I heard it! There is something about this song that just moves me to smile a mile wide. Probably, because it reminds me of the MIC that introduced me to DILLA...I love them both...peace ya'll

**If you just asked yourself "Who's J-DILLA?" please click the hyperlinks, read about him...then come back to my blog and enjoy this jam...